Build Back Greener - Green Recovery Strategies for the Building Sector - Shared screen with speaker view
Danish Cleantech Hub
Welcome! who are you and where are you joining from today?
Charlotte Gjedde
Good afternoon from Copenhagen and State of Green! Looking forward to the event!
Danish Cleantech Hub
Monica is a Project Manager on the Advanced Efficiency Solutions team at NYSERDA. Her work primarily focuses on designing and implementing real-time energy management (RTEM), information product, and innovation programs across commercial and multifamily buildings.Monica previously worked at Radiator Labs, where she managed installations of the “Cozy,” a smart radiator retrofit for steam-heated buildings. Prior to Radiator Labs, Monica led a knowledge-exchange network of over 20 cities in collaboration with the City of Copenhagen on cleantech innovation programs at C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. She also managed EU-funded urban sustainability programs at Ecologic Institute in Berlin, Germany.
Richard Fennelly
CoilPod LLC: Joining from Jersey Shore. We push refrigeration coil cleaning for energy savings and indirect emissions reduction.
Danish Cleantech Hub
Janet Joseph is the Senior Vice President for Strategy and Market Development at the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).She leads NYSERDA’s work in building decarbonization, advancing programs and policies to deliver a carbon-neutral building stock.Ms. Joseph has more than 28 years of experience in clean energy. She has held technical, policy and leadership positions at NYSERDA, where she has spearheaded initiatives to develop solar and renewable power, build a cleantech startup industry, launch energy storage collaboratives, and identify greenhouse gas reduction strategies that provide benefits for New Yorkers.Ms. Joseph serves on the Boards of the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, Urban Green, New York State Center for Future Energy Systems, and the Urban Futures Lab. Janet received the 2015 Public Service Excellence Award from the State Academy for Public Administration, and was voted as one of the top ten Clean Tech leaders in New York.
Richard Fennelly
The US DOE and EPA are finally looking at cooling equipment preventative maintenance to cut emissions. This 2018 study by The Carbon Trust induced them to turn to that topic: https://k-cep.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Optimization-Monitoring-Maintenance-of-Cooling-Technology-v2-subhead....pdf.
Gil Peled
Hi, can you please repeat the three main areas in reftofit?
Danish Cleantech Hub
You can read more about NYSERDA’s programs and initiatives here:Empire Building Challenge: https://www.nyserda.ny.gov/All-Programs/Programs/Empire-Building-ChallengeReal Time Energy Management Commercial Tenant Program: https://www.nyserda.ny.gov/All-Programs/Programs/Real-Time-Energy-Management/RTEM-Tenants-ProgramInnovative Market Strategies Grant program: https://www.nyserda.ny.gov/All-Programs/Programs/Innovative-Market-Strategies
Danish Cleantech Hub
Ingrid Reumert is Vice President of External Relations and Sustainability in the VELUX Group, a globally leading roof window manufacturer committed to become Lifetime Carbon Neutral by 2041, at the Group’s 100-year anniversary.Ingrid Reumert has been employed in the VELUX Group since 2011. She has the responsibility for relations to stakeholders within the societal and political arena and is one of the originators of the Healthy Homes Barometer, which is published once a year.Ingrid Reumert is Chairman of the Danish Government’s Council for Energy Efficient Transition, Vice Chair of the Danish Government’s Climate Partnership for the Built Environment, Board Member of UN Global Compact Denmark, and Member of the Advisory Committee for Energy Efficiency with the International Energy Agency (IEA).She has worked as advisor to politicians in the Danish Parliament and in the European Parliament in Brussels, before moving to the private sector as Director for Global PA for Terma A/S.
kendall christiansen
just completed NYSERDA supported retrofit of 1910 Brooklyn rowhouse w whole house air source heat pump heat/cool/hot water system; replacing NG hot water heating and DHW. eight days of construction with crew of 6-10. challenge to hide equipment and ducts, but a great conversion.
Janet Joseph, NYSERDA
And to all participants:https://www.nyserda.ny.gov/All-Programs/Programs/Multifamily-Buildings-of-Excellence/Winnershttps://www.nyserda.ny.gov/All-Programs/Programs/RetrofitNY
Monica Ridgway, NYSERDA
here’s an overview of the NYS Clean Heat Incentives that support the adoption of heat pumps: https://www.nyserda.ny.gov/All-Programs/Programs/NYS-Clean-Heat
Mia Negru
Do you share the recording afterwards?
Danish Cleantech Hub
Yes, we will send out the recording when the webinar is over
Christoffer Karlog
Richard Fennelly
"Optimization, monitoring and maintenance" of cooling equipment (" ... a major opportunity for energy savings and emissions reduction"): https://k-cep.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Optimization-Monitoring-Maintenance-of-Cooling-Technology-v2-subhead....pdf
Danish Cleantech Hub
Read more about VELUX work here:https://www.veluxusa.com/And their 2030 Sustainability Strategy here:https://www.velux.com/what-we-do/sustainability/sustainability-strategy
Danish Cleantech Hub
Rory Moss is the President of ROCKWOOL North America. After more than 14 years in senior Marketing and Sales roles at Black & Decker, Rory joined ROCKWOOL as Vice President for Residential and Interior Products in North America in 2007.He developed the residential business in Canada and executed a successful growth-driven strategy in the United States. In 2014, Rory became Managing Director of ROCKWOOL UK, where he led the profitable turnaround and growth of the UK and Ireland business.In 2017, Rory took over responsibility for the ROCKWOOL Nordics business, aligning a commercially focused approach with industry-leading sustainability initiatives. He returned to North America as President in 2020.
Danish Cleantech Hub
For more information on the project, C40/NYC toolkit on building retrofits, that ROCKWOOL helped to sponsor, you can access the toolkit here:https://www.c40knowledgehub.org/s/article/The-Multiple-Benefits-of-Deep-Retrofits-A-toolkit-for-cities?language=en_US
Richard Fennelly
Before launching retrofits, we'd suggest complete tune-up on all mechanical systems in the building. Refrigeration maintenance is usually skipped. Folks might do HVAC which only targets heating, ventilation and AC. The focus needs to be on HVACR.
Paulina Lis, C40 Cities
The tool co-benefits tool can also be accessed directly on this page: Benefits of Building Energy Retrofits: Analysis tool here https://www.c40knowledgehub.org/s/article/Benefits-of-Building-Energy-Retrofits-Analysis-tool?language=en_US
Louisa Bisgaard
Anybody knows if there's a global smart IT-system/ database for green buildings?
Gil Peled
Funding seems a major challange, can the panelists address how this can be overcome? thanks
Danish Cleantech Hub
For more information on building retrofit resources: https://www.c40cities.org/benefits
Faith Legendre
@Louisa yes there's some great public case studies on these like the Sinclair hotel in the USA.
Danish Cleantech Hub
Sander Dolder is a Senior Vice President at the New York City Economic Development Corporation where he designs, builds, & leads efforts to expand the NYC economy by catalyzing emerging sectors, developing innovation ecosystems, and forging public-private partnerships.He leads a team focused on building a 21st century green economy and other post-COVID economic recovery efforts.
Stuart Brodsky
Given that utility companies around the world are targeting 0 carbon of its electricity generation, where’s the discussion of the intersection between efforts by building owners to be more energy efficient and the suppliers becoming less carbon intensive?
Danish Cleantech Hub
Paulina has over 9 years of experience in the area of sustainable transitions in the buildings and the energy sector in the urban context. She is currently working as a Technical Adviser in the Buildings and Energy Team at the C40 Climate Leadership Cities, focusing on helping a global network of cities design and implement policy and other governing activities that accelerate decarbonization of the building stock and contribute to equitable distribution of benefits of this transition.Before C40, Paulina worked as the Executive Director of the San Diego Green Building Council, a California-based NGO, focused on community and market-led change in the built environment, working to leverage regenerative built environment as a vector for transition in social, environmental, and economic dimensions.Paulina holds an MSc in Environmental Policy and Management from, Lund University in Sweden, and BA Hons from Napier University in Edinburgh.
Louisa Bisgaard
Good business opportunities in China now? https://www.allianceexperts.com/en/knowledge/countries/asia/sustainable-building-in-china/
Danish Cleantech Hub
Read more about C40 Cities’ work here:https://www.c40knowledgehub.org/s/article/C40-Mayors-Agenda-for-a-Green-and-Just-Recovery?language=en_USAnd the case for a Green and Just Recoveryhttps://www.c40knowledgehub.org/s/article/The-Case-for-a-Green-and-Just-Recovery?language=en_US
Richard Fennelly
The electric grids everywhere are riddled with poorly maintained cooling equipment from the studies that we have done. They consume ~25% more electric than they should if they were properly maintained.
Danish Cleantech Hub
Read more about NYCEDC’s work here:https://commercialobserver.com/2020/12/nyc-proptech-nycha/
Janet Joseph, NYSERDA
In New York State, the Climate Action Council will be developing and releasing its plan for decarbonization by December of this years. [see climate.ny.gov]
Mia Negru
Thank you for today!
Ulrik Søndergaard
Great webinar, thanks 👍
Danish Cleantech Hub
Thank you to speakers, panelists, and viewers for joining us today!
Louisa Bisgaard
Gil Peled
was great, thanks very much!